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The British Stammering Association, trading as Stamma The mission of the charity is to support anyone who stammers in the UK and tackle the stigma, ignorance and discrimination that people who stammer face so that they can live their lives in full and with dignity

Registered Charity Nos. 1089967/SCO38866



The Foundation is committed to helping improve the lives of those affected by Motor Neuron Disease. We can help through grant support. This is available to individuals and families and is administered by our friends at MND Association and MND Scotland.

Charity number: SC 047871

Food Waste


Benchmark Environmental in collaboration with Aerobic Digestion plants in Surrey and Hampshire, turn your Food waste into power and bio fertiliser

What’s an Anaerobic Digestion plant?

It’s a state of the art facility that breaks down the food using enzymes into a gas leaving behind a nutrient full liquid fertiliser that’s sterile and can go straight onto fields where they can grow more food.

The gas can be used to make electricity or after purification can be put into the national gas network.

So we collect your waste in a specially designed vehicle and then its tipped out at the AD plant where the plastic packaging and other non food contaminants are stripped away and then rendered into a sort of puree.

Its then processed to make sure its fit for the enzymes to tuck in and they fart away making the gas and as long as you keep them happy with more food the more gas they make.

Eventually they have to drain away any extraneous matter and this is tankered away to be spread on the landscape.

Even the plastic and contaminants aren’t wasted and they are taken to be incinerated to make more electricity, this is truly a closed loop.

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