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The British Stammering Association, trading as Stamma The mission of the charity is to support anyone who stammers in the UK and tackle the stigma, ignorance and discrimination that people who stammer face so that they can live their lives in full and with dignity

Registered Charity Nos. 1089967/SCO38866



The Foundation is committed to helping improve the lives of those affected by Motor Neuron Disease. We can help through grant support. This is available to individuals and families and is administered by our friends at MND Association and MND Scotland.

Charity number: SC 047871


We provide waste recycling collections all over West Surrey and North East Hampshire. This includes Guildford, Godalming, Cranleigh, Haslemere, Hindhead, Bordon, Farnham, Aldershot, Farnborough, Camberley, Bagshot, Lightwater, and Woking plus all the places in-between.

Our Food waste service covers a much larger area into central Surrey, West SussexPortsmouth and Fareham and north to Basingstoke.

Our bin lorry collections can either be on an ad hoc basis or on a pre agreed frequency; from any commercial business as well as from residential addresses.

Our bespoke residential service will take the bin from where it’s stored to the vehicle and the vehicle that we use for this purpose is small enough to get through most gates a car can so you don’t need to drag the bins out to the roadside. There is a 10 foot height requirement.

We provide regular services for NHS premises and the Ministry of Defence


Collected in the full range of wheelie bins, bagged, loose and wait and load

We prefer that customers separate their waste at source as it helps up to recycle your waste.

When space is limited or you just want it this way and only 1 bin will do, we offer a General waste and Mixed recycling bin and we will sort the recyclable element out ourselves.

We do not send waste to landfill, if its not recyclable it goes to make electricity.


Collected in the full range of wheelie bins, bagged, loose and wait and load 

This specifically has to be clean and dry materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, sheet plastic, drinks cans. 

No wood, polystyrene, glass etc, it just has to be the list above 


Collected in 1100ltr, 240 and 360 ltr wheelie bins 

This is quite a specialist area as there are so many types of plastic and some are not recyclable so to make it easy for you, put it all in the bin and we will sort it out. 

It can include plastic wrap, plastic bottles even polystyrene but anything that has contained food has to be washed clean or put in the General Waste 


Collected in 240ltr bins 

It can only be container glass such as bottles and jars, no sheet glass or Pyrex type products as it’s not the same 


Collected in bales, 1100 and 360ltr bins, bagged or bundled.

Some grades of card are classed as paper or are unrecyclable so if you have bulk amounts consult us first 

Coffee shop cups are not always recyclable so please check with us if you have lots 


Collected in the full range of bins, plus on pallets and bundled. 

Some grades of paper especially if its shiny are not recyclable such as catalogues


Collected in secure lockable 660ltr, 360ltr and 240ltr bins or bagged and tagged 

Either ad hoc or on a pre-arranged frequency 

We collect this separately and take it to an accredited shredding facility who issue a certificate of destruction. 

This can be as a matter of routine either paper items or hard drives but we can also arrange for the destruction of clothing, confiscated products or food stuffs.


Collected in 240ltre and 120ltr bins, pallets and wait and load it can be packaged in plastic bags but please not black ones. 

We take packaged liquids, anything from catering products to alcohol as well as canned and frozen products  Benchmark uses dedicated vehicles and is licenced for the collection and carriage of category 3 waste food products. This doesn’t include large bones from butchery departments. 

We provide routine and ad hoc collections from anywhere that produces waste food be it a restaurant, factory or even ships .

If you have a special event we will loan you the bins and agree a service frequency over 7 days a week .

We line the bins when we have emptied them so this drastically reduces smells 


1100ltr and 360ltr lockable bins, loose items and “coffins” 

We take and recycle any electrical product, it’s as simple as you putting it in a bin and we collect when its full. This can include flat screens, if you have CRT’s contact us first. 

Fluorescent tubes and similar lighting has to be collected in a “coffin” or pre-packaged in cardboard boxes to prevent breakage and reduce the manual handling of breakables.


We take any type of pallet wooden product or reel broken or otherwise either as a one off or on a pre-arranged frequency, these can be loose or in open topped 1100ltr bins 


Bulky waste collections from a mattress, beds and furniture to kitchen equipment and factory and office clearances. 

This can be as simple as a domestic mattress that needs to be got down from the spare bedroom to office strip outs. 

We provide a delivery porterage service where you might have 200 new chairs delivered and you want them distributed and the old chairs taken away.


Ferrous or Non Ferrous either ad hoc or on a frequency 

Collected either loose or in open topped 1100ltr bins 

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