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Benchmark Environmental understands and prioritises the needs of our customers as well as the needs of our planet.

By recognising and utilizing the benefits of SMART recycling, we are confident we are meeting both those needs. But how? SMART Recycling does the following for you:


It’s simple, it costs less to recycle than to remove waste. The more you can recycle, the less general waste you have taken away and as this is priced by weight it’s cheaper. Benchmark Environmental are able to look at your business size, location, waste and provide a solution that is more cost effective than you are possibly doing currently.


Under UK legislation, every business has a duty to manage its waste safely. This includes sorting, storage and removal by licensed waste carriers. It also means doing whatever can reasonably be done to reduce waste and recycle. By putting into place recycling processes that suit your waste streams and training your employees to support the system, your organisation will avoid the possibility of fines or prosecution for incorrect waste handling.


By allowing a company such as Benchmark Environmental to provide the solutions for you that will be the most efficient to you, you can spend less time focusing on rubbish and more time on your business.


The rubbish in landfill sites release harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses. Recycling therefore reduces the amount of pollution caused by waste.

Recycling also reduces deforestation to source raw materials. Deforestation is responsible for habitat destruction and global warming so by recycling and creating renewable resources we help the planet and keep our rainforests.



Environmentalism is a hot topic at the moment and the public expect businesses to participate in exercising environmental awareness.

As well as creating a positive public image, your business would also be assuming the position of environmental ambassador spreading awareness further, setting the standard higher for other businesses and creating a better future for our children.

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